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Flexwork, a European Commission funded project concerned with flexible working.

The Flexwork project consists of a number of partners from across Europe. They require internet based facilities which will enhance their ability to work together, and a number of internet based facilities to assist in the dissemination of information to their client group. Hyperix staff attend an early meeting of the partners to familiarise themselves with the project. Hyperix provides consultancy to those partners scoped with the internet side of the project. Hyperix proposes a number of novel possibilities to the partners.

Hyperix works with the partners responsible for marketing and design to incorporate the solutions into the Flexwork Project corporate look & feel.

So as to ensure a continuing evolution of solutions this relationship continues for the duration of the project.

Some of the solutions include:

A partner file-sharing area
An event listing which can be updated by partners and viewed by visitors to the web site.
Adaptation of a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to allow an internet interface, this allows input to the spreadsheet and calculations, whilst keeping the underlying algorithmns in the spreadsheet hidden and secure.
A membership registration facility allowing partners access to details of all registered members.
Partners ability to email all registered members.